Crytalis Surtova

Powerhungry, lovestruck noblewoman who likes to dabble in the undead.


Born a bastard, Crytalis was raised for the first sixteen years of her life by her maternal grandmother, her mother having died shortly before her birth. Her Surtova blooded father kept them well stocked in coins and guards. Always a sickly little thing she spent her formative years in the company of one disease after another, this ending when she was in her ninth year, having finally learned to make friends with them.

Upon her grandmother’s death, when Crytalis was in her sixteenth year, she was brought into a lesser house of the Surtova family at her father’s insistence. Here she learned the endearments of bastard and witch. Ostracized, her one friend and companion was a small thrush she stole from a cat one evening, Pim. Although always whispered, the rumors of her mother’s supposed enchantments over her father and the shame it brought to the name eventually reached her ears. Further rumors of her mother’s poisoning and the failed fetal assassination attempt on herself reached her ears as well.

Since then she has perfected her smile and performance, twisting those she could around her finger and climbing up through the family’s ranks. All with the intention of one day crumbling them all. Colin came around and ruined all this, of course, when she fell into instant obsession with the man. Her focus shifted from climbing to other pursuits…such as riding. She had already reached too far though and it was decided by the heads of the family that she should be sent to the Stolen Lands in the hopes she would never return.

Crytalis Surtova

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