Colin Courneye

Idealistic lovestruck stable boy with heroic dreams


Colin grew up working in the Courneye Stablery, a successful business in Restov with a reputation as the best place for care and training of mounts. But instead of following the set path of inheriting the family business, he has decided to give up an easy life to become a cavalier of the Order of the Shield and dedicate his life to those in need.

His decision was based on two causes: As a youth, he was impressed by some Order of the Shield members who had ridden through Restov and told him great tales of glory and were the greatest riders he had ever seen. As a young adult, he fell madly in love with Crytalis Surtova, a young noblewoman who had enlisted him to teach her to ride. When she told him that she was going out to the Stolen Lands to rebuild her birthright, he asked for his inheritance early to buy armor for himself and Joyous Strom, the swirling gray mare he’d raised as his trusted mount. Then with his parents’ concerned blessing, he set out.

Colin Courneye

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