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  • Colin Courneye

    Colin grew up working in the Courneye Stablery, a successful business in Restov with a reputation as the best place for care and training of mounts. But instead of following the set path of inheriting the family business, he has decided to give up an easy …

  • Guillame DeMille

    Guillame claims to be from mixed Varisian and Taldan heritage. His accent is hard to place in all the wide world of Golarion, and it comes out most when he is angry about insults to his ‘honneur’. He sometimes throws snippets of ‘ze Old Tongue’ into …

  • Muadhnait Medvyed

    A lovely, slight young woman born to the noble Medvyed family. Cursed to be haunted, she possesses powers she is only beginning to learn to understand.

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