Leader of band of forest bandits


A twin-axe wielding warrior, she is known to have a cruel streak. She was defeated in her camp by the heroes without getting to attack and was captured along with her men.

Her known companions are:
Happs, a lieutenant who led the attack on the Trading Post of Oleg Leveton. He was an archer but was captured. He was interrogated by Crytalis Surtova and Colin Courneye and gave up the location of his former-lover Kressel’s base.

Brumir, a half-orc, was charmed in the attack on the Trading Post into fighting against Happs and the others. He then assisted the heroes in locating and defeating Kressel.

Katty, a female bandit, was killed at the Trading Post by Colin and was buried near it.

One other, unnamed male bandit, was captured along with Happs.

Semper, a man, was captured and interrogated at the bandit camp. Under Crytalis’ interrogation, he gave up the information about The Stag Lord, an overlord of the bandits in the region. He seems to be willing to cooperate with the heroes.

Hanull, a bald man, seems to be disillusioned with the bandit lifestyle and was also helpful.

Callub and Tiran were captured along with Kressel. Semper believes he can convince them to be helpful.

Four more bandits from Kressel’s crew are reportedly still at large.


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