Guillame DeMille

Genial, overconfident, proud human ranger. Given to occasional moodiness and buffoonery.


Guillame is lean with a slight belly and surprisingly strong for his size. He has a well groomed moustache, flowing dark hair, and tanned bronze complexion. He prefers boots with small heels to make him taller, and so has a slightly affected strutting walk. He wears a wide-brimmed hat, thick leather gloves, and smokes a crude self-made pipe.


Guillame claims to be from mixed Varisian and Taldan heritage. His accent is hard to place in all the wide world of Golarion, and it comes out most when he is angry about insults to his ‘honneur’. He sometimes throws snippets of ‘ze Old Tongue’ into stories and conversation, which no one but his family seems to speak. Guillame is uncharacteristically quiet on the question of home, but with some placatory wine and flattery he will admit to having an aging mother, younger sister, and younger brother, who live further north in Brevoy, in a tiny village on the Stetven river, raising cattle and horses. [Guillame may have an illegitimate child in New Stetven. He vehemently denies any such suggestion.]

Guillame left home at sixteen and has been idling about the borderlands in the south of Brevoy since then, wrangling horses, hunting for skins and furs, and looking for adventure. He knows many tales, and will often trade them for wine, something to smoke, or an evening with a borrowed book. He is curious, especially about life in the big city, and collects scattered rumors about the glamorous lives of the fabulously wealthy in far off lands. He is a competitive horseman, and readily makes bad bets about races and trick riding, blaming his horse Grognon when things don’t go right. Although contemptuous of those who are too meek by his lights, he will help those in need (especially against overbearing authority), but he is acquisitive, and usually won’t give money if he can help it.

Guillame is not a devout man; he puts in a halfhearted prayer to Desna when it suits him. His small dream is to own property, perhaps a winery or ranch, with many underlings whom he orders about. His big dream is to tame the fantastical magical beasts around which so many of his tales turn, and turn them to his own profit, perhaps in a circus or traveling rodeo. Despite a deep hatred of slavery, Guillame is mildly racist towards halflings; in his dreams, his underlings are ‘many happy little people’ who are always shorter than he is.

Guillame DeMille

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